Monday, September 21, 2015

Aldi (Huntington Home)
Scented Wax Review:
Fall Scents

Aldi Wax (Huntington Home Scented Wax) - Fall Scents
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Aldi brought out 4 fall scents a few days ago, at an unbeatable price of $1.69. The brand is "Huntington Home", and this brand is made by another wax brand exclusively for Aldi. The company that makes Huntington Home is one of the largest scented wax companies, and their wax is top quality with great scents and throw (I can't provide the company due to the agreement between Aldi and the company).

The labels say "soy blend", which is unusual as the company that makes them uses paraffin, so they may be starting to get into soy. Even so, these look and act like paraffin (hard wax, not greasy), so the soy content must be small. Which is good, as soy tends to not throw as well as paraffin.

This is a typical clamshell size of 2.5 oz. Each clamshell has 3 rows of wax in it, but if you turn the package over you'll see that each row is scored into 4-block sections of 0.2 oz. each. So if you normally use one block of wax from a regular 6-block clamshell, you'll use TWO blocks from the Aldi wax. They're scored this way so you can mix and match scents; you can put one 0.2 block from one scent into the warmer with another 0.2 block from another scent.

Here are the 4 available scents:
  • Candied Apple
    This smells like fresh, authentic apple coated in sweet candy (not caramel), just like the name suggests! Throw is fantastic.
  • Falling Leaves
    Woodsy apple on cold sniff, but when melted it smells like apple cider and old apples on the ground mixed with brown leaves (in a good way). It's very similar to Sonoma Falling Leaves, but with a slightly more woodsy note. Throw is fantastic.
  • Frosted Pumpkin Roll
    On cold sniff, this just smells like yet another cinnamon fall scent. But when melted, it's a deliciously rich cinnamon sugar with a hint of bakery. Throw is fantastic.
  • Sweet Vanilla Bean
    This one is a subtle vanilla with a distinct chemical note on cold sniff. When melted the chemical note disappears, and it smells more like a vanilla cupcake than straight vanilla. But the throw was very weak for me, as is sometimes the case with vanilla scents.
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